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Building an Automated Recruitment Process with the Power of Social Media

More Candidates
Cost Reduction
Costs per Talent


  • Finding constant customer support personnel in the call center sector which has a high turnover rate.
  • Filling vacancies in a short time with a small number of recruiters.
  • Spending hours on the phone with candidates who are not suitable for the position.
  • Lack of technology to carry out the processes of screening and evaluating candidates online.
  • Different tools used for every recruitment step which makes tracking and reporting impossible.
  • High costs of outsourcing to headhunter companies.


  • Attracting more candidates thanks to social media ads posted on Facebook, Instagram and Indeed, which are fully integrated with Peoplise's recruiting product.
  • With smart filtering and profile questions, candidates who are not suitable for the position are easily eliminated without the need for a phone call.
  • Time saved by getting to know the candidate and eliminating unsuitable candidates before the online interview with the video interview step.
  • Continuing recruitment thanks to the Online Interview step during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Creating a more traceable and reportable process with easy-to-use reporting tools where all data can be accessed from a single platform.
  • In addition to all the benefits, Brightstar was able to run all of its processes on Peoplise at a cost of only £ 191 per candidate, far below the cost of Headhunter during a very critical recruitment period.
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