Seamless Integration, Effortless Recruitment

From your ATS to Social Media, we provide an all integrated solution for
your recruitment process.

All you need to do is to evaluate candidates and find the best fit.

Seamless Integration, Effortless Recruitment

Attract More Talent
from Social Media

Recruit from social media with the ease and confidence of our innovative campaign editor. Run your own campaigns, manage your ads for maximum talent attraction, minimizing agency costs. Invoke curiosity, and have meaningful interactions with your candidates to generate more leads, more conversions and high quality candidates.

With Socialise, every job posting on social media becomes a great branding opportunity and a superior talent experience

“In the new era of digital technologies, together with Peoplise, we made a striking effect in attracting the new generation of talent.”

Özlem Gören Güçdemir, Talent Leader Özlem Gören Güçdemir, Talent Leader, Deloitte

Attract More Talent from Social Media

Engage Your Talent with
Your Brand

Unique, customisable, content rich web site automatically generated just for your position to attract, engage and win the talent over. Let your position and brand shine with job facts, testimonials, videos and much more.

Branding Surveys

Every hit on your site is a chance to improve and learn. Built-in surveys enquire about the process and your brand to get instant insight from your candidate pool.

Save Time with
Smart Screening Questions

Engage candidates with videos and smart filtering questions. Make your application process fun and efficient. Who needs conducting hundreds of phone interviews or lengthy application processes when you can ask a few smart, engaging questions to screen your talent on their mobile?

Digital Assessments for a
Better Fit

Assess your candidates’ potential, skills and job fit with our proctored tests and verify them accurately. We offer proven general aptitude, language, competency tests, and situational judgment assessments to help you analyse the quality of your candidate. Pick your test and flow.

Online Interview

Eliminate Boundaries with
Online Interview

Don’t let the distance get in the way. Minimise the time and costs with online interviews. You can upload your questions, take your notes and standardise your evaluations with our innovative interview module as well as record your sessions and share with third parties.

Online Interview

Onboard for Success

Onboard your new employee with a full company branded interface. Design and automate work processes for on-boarding new employees: Upload documents, review company information, watch videos, and conduct online training. We generate a mobile-enabled, personal dashboard for talent to learn about your expectations, review and complete all assigned tasks, and inform all parties for a successful transition.

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