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1st day starts when they sign the offer. Design an engaging journey to onboard your new talent.

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1. Introduce New Employees to the Company Culture

Introduce the company's vision and mission early on. Go beyond administrative checklists and tasks. Welcome messages from business leaders, instructive videos, brand and product portfolios and many other critical information can be shared easily and early in the process. Bring your culture and EVP alive for yor new talent. Reinforce and help internalize with quizzes and surveys.

2. Create Early Employee Engagement

Tasks specifically designed to involve your new talent with her new manager, team members and critical work processes impact engagement levels significantly. Feelings of inclusion, certainty and sense of purpose can be achieved with well-timed tasks, checklists, surveys and just in time content. Remember, early engagement is key to sustainable motivation and brand loyalty. Design your journey to achieve high levels of inclusion and manager involvement right from the start.

3. A Flawless Start

We all have memories of little mishaps in our own onboarding. Things missing here and there, late deliveries, waiting on others to catch up on our first couple of days in our new jobs.

In this day and age of great technology, your talent does not need to experience these moments. Create a well thought-out process with smart mail and SMS notifications, monitoring tools, dashboards and smart reports so everyone does their part timely. Deliver an automated and flawless experience. Impressing your new talent early on never hurts.

4. Keep the Pulse

First day on the job is critical for motivation, get instant feedback with customizable pulse check surveys and built-in 1st day readiness checklist.

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