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Remote Onboarding

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1. Start strong to remote onboarding process after a great preboarding process.

You want your new employees to feel engaged to your company even though they work remotely.

It might be a new employee welcome email or a new hire welcome kit. You can let them know who are their co-workers, to whom they should report or to whom they should reach if any problem occurs.

Giving this information beforehand is one of your most important assets for a smooth onboarding.

You can ensure that your new employees are informed about their job description and the company culture.

2. Adapt your new employee to your company by teamwork.

The most effective way to improve outputs of the remote onboarding process is to increase resources and time allocated for teams. You can develop buddy systems for different processes and you can assign tasks specific to executives and employees in a team.

3. Increase productivity at work.

Your new employees need some help to have better understandings of performance expectations, possible inefficiency factors and performance assessment criteria.

  • Clarify the job description.
  • Identify the possible inefficiency factors and take preventive measures.
  • Help them to understand performance assessment criteria.

4. Be proactive in building your new employee network.

Surveys show that the scope of employee network affects the productivity directly. The employee network creates sense of belonging and it accelerates information obtaining process in workplace. Do not rely on luck for formal and informal employee networks to grow and accelearate this process proactively.

  • Share profiles of teammates.
  • Ask with whom do they want to meet.
  • Include them in social groups according to their interests.
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