3 ways you can use ATS for Employer Branding, even if you don’t have an EB team

3 ways you can use ATS for Employer Branding, even if you don’t have an EB team

HR branding is an important tool for improving business performance through hiring and retaining best talent.

However not every company can allocate time and budget to work on an Employer brand. Good news for such companies is that recruitment automation systems like Peoplise can be a powerful tool for HR Branding, helping optimize existing costs and increase candidates loyalty.

Here are three not so obvious ways recruitment platforms can help you improve Employer Brand:

Candidate Feedback

Feedback in essential for you employer brand and image. Obviously any applicant who took time to read through your job post and apply is interested in working with you, so it is important you nurture this relationship. To avoid reputational risks, and ensure candidate loyalty make sure you get back to all applicants. Peoplise has built-in email templates, customizable for each stage of the recruitment process. It takes one click to send your candidates email updates on their status in the process. Each email is individualized, so that your candidates will never realize they were in a bulk mailing list. Branded response templates are better than ‘we’ll call you back’ aren’t they?

We have more tips on how to write a winner rejection letter that leverages your Employer brand here.

One-click Application

In a complex World simplicity of your application process is a key to win a candidate’s heart. So many candidates never finish daunting application processes that require them to login, verify email, create a CV in ten steps… Why have to rewrite a CV if you already have one, or you have a Linkedin profile? Peoplise only requires one email address entry, to begin the application process. For certain forms applicants can automatically export their Linkedin profile and save time.

Upon entering the email address and thus showing their interest in vacancy, applicants get branded follow-up letters, encouraging them to go through further steps of the screening process.

Branded Career Page

You may not have the budget for a company profile on a fancy job board, but it shouldn't stop you from branding your content. Platforms like Peoplise allow companies to create beautiful branded career pages for each job, where you can add all necessary information including employee testimonials, office pictures and perks of working with you. No extra budget or web designer required.

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