Peoplise Framework for Responsible AI Implementation in HR Technology

Peoplise Framework for Responsible AI Implementation in HR Technology

Generative AI is here to transform HR Tech. Although still in its early stages, it has already proven valuable in automating manual recruitment tasks and assisting HR professionals in candidate shortlisting. However, it is not yet fully capable of supporting the entire talent acquisition process. While AI can never replace humans in strategic and relationship-building tasks, it significantly contributes to freeing up HR professionals' time by reducing the burden of high-volume, repetitive tasks.

As the technology continues to evolve, it is essential to establish principles that will guide us in addressing ethical and moral concerns related to AI usage in HR Tech. These principles will ensure the responsible utilization of AI's potential.

Peoplise utilizes AI in recruitment through the following applications:

  • Chatbot
  • Supporting users and admins in case they have questions
  • Smart Screening
  • Pre-screening
    AI system screens candidates based on algorithm’s recommendations that are relevant to job description and company specifications
  • Skill assessment
  • Skill assessment using built-in assessment tool marketplace
  • Candidate verification during assessment
  • Surveillance is offered by some assessment tools vendors as an option during online evaluation for purposes to ensure integrity and avoid cheating. However, this system strictly adheres to ethical guidelines, excluding facial recognition, racial profiling, or any violation of human rights and freedoms.
  • Candidate Experience
  • Throughout the recruitment and onboarding journey AI is used to ensure timely notification of candidates about their status in the process, and new hires about their onboarding journey

What are the Benefits of using AI in recruitment:

  • Better insight into talent pool
  • Better decision making
  • Decreasing bias, fairness
  • Stronger relationship with candidates
  • Standardised workflow for everyone provides fair experience

How Peoplise approaches adopting AI technology:

Core principles:

Augmenting Human Intelligence

Our mission in utilizing AI technology in Peoplise products is to help users make better hiring related decisions by providing data-driven decision making and eliminating mundane manual repetitive tasks.


Ensuring equitable treatment of every candidate by AI system. Countering human bias, promoting inclusivity and ability to make fair hiring decisions is powered by HR expert calibration.

Data Privacy and Robustness:

Minimizing security risks and protecting privacy and data rights.

At Peoplise, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in our business operations, fostering collaboration and inclusivity within hiring teams. We make every effort to ensure responsible AI utilization by maintaining strict adherence to ethical standards and promptly responding to changing regulations. This commitment is upheld through investments in people, training, and processes that prioritize the avoidance of any infringements on human rights and civil liberties.

Peoplise takes all necessary measures in accordance with the Information Security Management System policy to ensure business continuity across all sites. We strive to minimize losses and risks stemming from security breaches, ensure internal integrity, and protect all physical and electronic information assets. Our commitment extends to safeguarding the information created, processed, and stored in our technology infrastructure, as well as the systems involved, against relevant risks in the most suitable manner.

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