Assessment Game Changer: Nestlé case

Assessment Game Changer: Nestlé case

Assessment centers are widely used in Human Resources management for both external and internal candidates, allowing candidates to demonstrate skills and abilities required for success in a given role, under standardized conditions.

CaseBot developed by Peoplise is a game changer, enabling companies to accurately deliver on business needs, automising assessment, requiring minimum effort of HR staff. Depending on business needs cases may be developed for competency, culture-fit and value assessment.

Global pandemic and switch to remote work made testing techniques such as role play and situational judgement analysis impossible to perform one-on -one and in zoom-conference format. It also set the ground for developments in HR technology that not only help solve logistical issues of assessment center organization, but prevent unconscious bias and enable scalability of assessments, significantly reducing related costs and timing.

Nestlé got to experience CaseBot benefits when faced with the necessity of remotely assessing nearly thousand candidates for summer internship program Talent Nest.

‘As Nestlé Turkey Human Resources team, we care about young talents and we work hard on developing initiatives to support their development. In March 2020, we saw the digital reflections of the pandemic on our lives and projects as an ​​opportunity and started researching ways to integrate digital innovations into our young talent recruitment programs. That’s when our business solution provider Peoplise, working with which has already significantly reduced our recruitment efforts and enabled us to make more accurate data-driven decisions, introduced us to CaseBot. Nestlé’s summer internship program Talent Nest receives a high volume of applications annually for various departments. Our aim was to enrich the traditional application experience of our candidates who are part of the new generation, and to provide a close to reality experience with tips on “Working at Nestlé''. ‘ says Elif Altınbaş, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialist.

CaseBot integrates a case scenario with a gamified online platform, where a candidate is faced with a similar case he or she would face on the job. Dynamic randomization of content depending on options selected ensures individualistic experience. Chatbot is used to present the candidate with new information step by step. Modern screen design helps get participants immersed in the case he or she is seeking a solution for.

Videos, e-mails, scheduling and prioritisation activities help simulate real life like experiences to participants. 100% algorithmic scoring ensures lack of human error and bias and prompt reporting.

Elif Altınbaş, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialist:
‘Peoplise and CaseBot teams fulfilled our expectations with high professionalism, producing Nestlé-specific content. Peoplise designed a report that gave us detailed individual data on each candidate on their competency levels. Using the report we were quickly able to use objective data to move candidates for final interview step ‘

Cases are customised to role requirements and scalable to over thousand candidates simultaneously, significantly decreasing expenses, timing and logistics.

‘Candidates who successfully completed the CaseBot application were delighted with immersive experience and we received a lot of positive feedback during HR interviews, like this one: I applied to many companies this year, but Nestlé application process was the only one I enjoyed being a part of’ says Elif Altınbaş, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialist.

Indeed, the overall satisfaction score of over six thousand candidates who went through CaseBot assessment was 4.6 out of 5. Standardised procedure ensures transparency and objectivity between internal promotions and external hires and eliminates impact of limited skills and biases (conscious and unconscious) of assessors, thus decreasing reputational risks for companies.

Everyday tasks like answering emails, reviewing multiple documents, watching recorded content, chatting with coworkers and a highly flexible decision tree enables candidates to immerse in a real-like work environment, providing a positive experience even for candidates who do not make it to the next step.

‘I can say that the most important source behind our success in our internship program this year is the CaseBot assessment, with real problems from within the company, working on company-specific case design in terms of expected competencies, choosing a language suitable for the generation and supporting it visually.’ - Elif Altınbaş, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialist.

And of course, you cannot manage what you cannot measure! CaseBot can be fully integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems via APIs, so that the reports and scoring data can be automatically uploaded to candidate profiles and used for automated actions, such as sending rejection mails, offering developmental suggestions, proceeding to next steps, etc.

CaseBot provides HR teams very rich data on their candidates such as their efficacy on each behavioral indicator, overall competency levels, effective use of time, documents and processes, as well as aggregate data on the whole candidate pool.

No bias, no logistics hassle, scalable and customisable CaseBot is here to change assessment forever.