Career Websites Are Dead

Career Websites Are Dead

In a world that encourages us to think outside the box and despise standards, templates for job posts make us sad. How are you supposed to spark interest in a candidate using a dry job description, requirements, link to a career site (if any) and a picture (usually a stock photo)? Yet many companies choose this expensive and not -so- effective way to enter the war for talent. We believe it's time to rethink and change old habits to increase efficiency.

Companies expect detailed descriptions of their experience and skills from candidates, cover letters addressing the position they apply to, stating why they would like to work for a particular company, yet are very reserved and boring when sharing company info.

Let’s look at the main arguments for why promoting your companies job opportunities on work site lost its relevance and is quickly becoming ineffective for candidate attraction:

1) Competition everywhere
Vast majority of companies are still using job boards, which means that the job opportunity you post will be published next to similar vacancies of your competitors. Thus there is a high chance of losing a prospect that would otherwise be focused on your company's job opportunities.

2) Limited Publication Space, no creativity
One template for all, means every job post practically looks the same. Candidates drown in bulk text, while HR has no option of adding cool stuff like employee testimonials, photos and other attractive content.

3) Lack of passive candidates
Vast majority of companies might be actively using job posts, but what about the candidates? Using job posts means you are only targeting active candidates, which is only about 40% of the labor market.
Even if somehow your job post reaches a candidate that is not registered on the job board, the process of registering on the website, filling out CV form and authentication might scare them off. It is much more convenient for such candidates to directly get in touch with a recruiter and send a ready CV in.

4) Outdated CVs
How often do you waste time reaching out to a candidate you found on a job site, to find out they are employed already, just didn’t update their CV on the job board? Once a registered candidate fulfills the purpose of them joining the career website, they are no longer interested in updating their current status, resulting in tons of irrelevant candidate information in your candidate pool.

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