How Peoplise Could Save You Time (and Money)

How Peoplise Could Save You Time (and Money)

If you’ve been following our blog posts for a while, you’ll know that we are huge fans of applicant tracking systems. And, if you’ve been following our blog posts for a while, you’ll know why: an ATS is the most time and cost-efficient way to optimize your hiring process. Now, we won’t go into any more detail about what exactly an ATS is or how it can benefit your business. (For a reminder on those, feel free to click on this or this blog post.) What we will do, however, is give you a list of all the ways we could save your business time and money with a custom-built ATS system.

And yes, we really can think of that many reasons to implement an ATS.

We can help you gain traction right off the bat

Gone are the days of posting a single listing onto dozens of recruitment websites. With a custom-built ATS, you can do this at the click of a button. Not only that, but applicants from all websites (even your own!) can then be grouped together on a single platform so that you can go through them whenever you get a chance to. Just imagine it, the best of the best all lined up together.

What was that? Are you ready to sign up? We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!

Our ATS system can also help you attract a wider array of well-qualified applicants by optimizing SEO usage and integrating with social media. So, you reach a broader audience and present a more professional, user-friendly front.

We can make it easier to collaborate

Do you remember what school projects felt like? We’re talking good old assign-everyone-their-own-bit-and-then-try-to-bring-everything-into-a-coherent-whole type group projects. You may have blocked this memory altogether (and we don’t blame you) but trying to build a hiring process without an ATS can feel exactly like a school project: confusing and disconnected. Either you have one person taking weeks on end to screen candidate profiles and conduct interviews, or you have a group of people doing all of these separately and struggle to bring it all together. Either way, you’re losing precious time.

By letting us build an ATS for your business, you aren’t just digitizing the process. You’re automatically assigning different tasks to team members and sharing all information on a single, objective platform that all HR professionals and company managers can access. Which means you’re encouraging collaboration while efficiently speeding up the process. Score!

We can help you stay objective

Can you imagine what would happen if all hiring managers just decided to go with the candidates that they liked the best? Not only would chaos ensue, nepotism skyrocket, and arguments arise, but these new hires would not even be the best fit for the company.

Now, chances are, you already have a standard set of requirements for online applications and a standard set of questions that you ask during interviews. But how can you be sure that the answers to these are all being screened fairly? Not to mention, how long does it take you to actually screen them?

This is where we come in. By building a customized evaluation plan that can be used to screen all applicants, we can help you not only eliminate those not qualified for the position but also rank those that do fit the requirements. In minutes.

But that’s not all – after giving you an AI-powered, objective list of the best qualified clients, we can then help you conduct interviews. And the initial stages don’t even have to be 1-1. With an ATS we can help you set up computerized interviews and complete this first step as quickly as possible. Because, let’s be honest, you don’t need to be there every step of the way.

We can push you to pick the best candidates

We’ve already given you the spiel on how AI operated systems are more objective compared to humans. And while this is great in helping you pick the best candidates, it’s not the only way that an ATS can help.

With an ATS, you can also screen through internal candidates and previous job applicants to see if there is anyone especially qualified for the position. Which means you might be able to find a great fit without ever wasting money on a new job posting.

In short, an ATS can be particularly helpful in matching the best suited candidates to the job posting, and letting you pick from the top ranked candidates. Finding the best fit for a position the first time around means that you will not be back where you started in a year. Lower turnover = increased productivity.

We can make sure the candidates like you

Because – and this may sound familiar from previous blog posts – it’s not just you who’s choosing the candidate, but the candidate who’s choosing you as well. And by implementing an ATS, you can easily let the applicants know where they are in the process, never making them feel that they are left hanging. First impression: impeccable.

By speeding up the whole process through an ATS, you can also get back to your candidates way sooner. So they know if they have gotten the job or not, and they know whether to keep looking or hold off hope.

Keeping the candidates informed and getting back to them with an answer asap means that when you do pick the best qualified candidate, they are still interested in and available for the position. This is great news for you too – it means you don’t have to keep looking after spending weeks trying to find the best suited person!

These are the 5 life-changing ways in which we can help your business save money and time with an ATS.

Still not convinced? Contact us now, and we’d be happy to walk you through our steps!