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Digitize your assessment center; let our smart Casebot handle your simulation role-plays and case studies.

100% Digital Assessment Center Online

Casebot offers a variety of interaction opportunities for you to assess your candidates’ competencies and situational judgment.

Simulate real life like experiences over videos, e-mails, scheduling and prioritization activities and other interactive exercises to offer an engaging, challenging and rigorous experience. All the while saving you time, resources and money.

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Why Casebot?

Leverage technology to assess more candidates in less time. Increase your accuracy. Improve candidate experience.


Algorithmic Scoring & Smart Reporting


Assess Thousands of Candidates Simultaneously


Highly Rated Candidate Experience

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Casebot Online Assessment Center

  • 100% Online Process
  • Company-Specific Case Design
  • Chatbot Supported Innovative Interfaces
  • Fast, Entertaining, Gamified Candidate Experience
  • Accurate and Detailed Competency Measurement
  • Easy-to-Interpret Reports
  • Smart Analytics to Help You Make Better Talent Decisions
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Smart Reporting

  • Detailed reporting per competency
  • Scoring based on behavioral indicators
  • Option to include company development guides
  • Ability to share personal reports automatically with candidates
  • Integrate with your ATS for a seamless flow

Client Testimonials

" We are using Casebot in all our engineering and white collar staff positions. With CaseBot’s improved candidate experience, we were able to increase the reported satisfaction rate of our candidates remarkably, in our talent requisition process. It enables us to recruit faster and more effectively. "

Ford Otosan HR Team

" As Nestlé Turkey Human Resources team, we care about young talents and we work hard on developing initiatives to support their development. Neslte’s summer internship program Talent Nest receives high volume of applications annually for various departments. In 2021 our aim was to enrich the traditional application experience of our candidates who are part of the new generation, and to provide a close to reality experience with tips on “Working at Nestlé”. Peoplise and CaseBot teams fulfilled out expectatons with high professionalism, producing Nestlé-specific content. Candidates who successfully completed the CaseBot application were delighted with immersive experience. ‘We can say that the most important source behind our success in our internship program this year is the CaseBot assessment, with real problems from within the company, working on company-specific case design in terms of expected competencies, choosing a language suitable for the generation and supporting it visually. "

Nestlé HR Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We do design custom cases for your competencies, culture and values.

Casebot typically assess 3-4 competencies per session. Each session on average lasts 35-45 minutes.

Since each case can be custom designed specific for the company, we provide a rigorous norm study, statistical analysis and a pilot run, all included in your package to ensure reliability and validity of the automated cases.

We provide the ability to optionally utilize our proctoring camera during the session, with consent from the participant. Additionally, there is the option to offer a dynamic randomization of the content in the design of your case to ensure a much more individualistic experience.

Of course you can. You do not need to use our automated ATS product. We will integrate Casebot with your system so you can have a seamless flow. However, we will charge an one-time only set-up fee for the integration in addition to your usage fees.

Assessment Game Changer: Nestlé case

Nestlé team got to experience CaseBot benefits when faced with necessity of remotely assessing nearly thousand candidates for summer internship program Talent Nest.

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