Peoplise | Colin's: Delivering the right candidates to fuel growth in retail

Colin's and Socialise: Fueling Growth, Right Talent Just In Time

Colin's is one of the largest clothing retailers in Turkey operating more than 800 stores in 14 countries. Colin's is market leader in Ukraine and Russia with aggressive plans to open new stores in Europe and Far East.

Unique Viewers in FB adds
Visits to the position microsite
Costs per Talent

A Nation Wide Talent Pool - Better, Faster, Cheaper

Clothing retail sector has a very high turnover rate. Colin's needed a constant flow of high quality candidates to ensure the operational effectiveness of its more than 800 stores. However, in a very crowded talent marketplace, with many retailers pursuing the same agenda, it was difficult to attract the right talent and provide a quick, fast application process. Traditional job boards were inadequate in providing the kind of differentiating branding required to attract the high quality talent. Colin’s needed an additional channel to reach passive candidates and provide opportunities to brand itself to the new talent.

How did we solve these problems ?

  • A specialized Facebook and Instagram campaign targeting retail employees on various regions
  • A/B testing for optimizing best campaign results for cost efficiency and talent fit
  • Posters posted with QR codes on store locations to increase application pool
  • Highly interactive position microsite to increase attraction and conversion rates
  • Smart automated rules to eliminate unfit candidates early in the application process
  • Integrated Sales Profile psychometric assessments
  • Video based competency questions to assess situational judgment
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