Peoplise | Finding the Best Talents in Competitive Banking Sector for Denizbank

Denizbank and Socialise: Sourcing and Acquiring the Best Talents in the Highly Competitive Banking Industry

Denizbank is the seventh largest private bank in Turkey with 15.000+ employees and 700+ branches. It is also one of the fastest growing banks of the last 5 years. They are known for their innovative approaches in HR. Their learning and development platform Deniz Akademi has been awarded "best technology implementation" by Brandon Hall.

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Highly Detailed Targeting Social Media Campaign - Fast, Cheap, Effective

We urgently needed to hire a large number of Representatives specialized in Agricultural products and quickly realized they are very difficult to find via traditional targeting methods. Candidate screening and assessment was to be handled by the HR team in HQ but we needed to involve and empower the hiring managers at the branch level for interviews and selection. So whatever solution we used to source this hard-to-find talent had to be accessible to HR, hiring managers, HQ, and the branches all at the same time. It needed to be simple, intuitive and user friendly to users with diverse backgrounds and expectations in terms of HR, recruitment, and technology experience and sophistication. We could not afford to make the process difficult and laborious for our hiring managers, without whom we could not fulfill our mission. We wanted a simple, yet sophisticated solution that could seamlessly integrate the process end to end for us.

How did we solve this problem?

  • Target audience and a detailed social media campaign was designed with special emphasis on agricultural background in various rural communities where branches will be hiring
  • An engaging microsite with special videos that explained the job description and benefits was prepared and launched on Peoplise
  • 4 filtering questions were taught to the AI supported chatbot of Peoplise to filter the right candidates when they engage the job ad
  • The Socialise campaign was successful to land quite a large number of candidates and the filter bot successfully narrowed down the eligible talent so that the branch managers only interviews with strong candidates with the right background only.
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