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Successfully Managing the Entire Recruitment Process from a Single Place: Şişecam and Peoplise

Language Options
Tests and Assessments

What were the problems ?

  • Assessment and test results of different companies were all reported on different platforms and the data was all scattered.
  • The recruitment process needed to be managed on SuccessFactors but all these different assessment platforms did not talk to each other.
  • Lack of a platform on the candidate side that enabled job posting in different languages across different 13 countries.
  • A lot of operational work and time invested in moving candidates in between different assessment stages and in creating short lists for hiring managers.


  • Peoplise integrated the assessments and inventories and automated the sending to candidates, thus, enabling us to access their results and report data on a single platform.
  • The integration enabled the sending of all candidate data to SuccessFactors in real time.
  • The 12 different language options offered by Peoplise enabled a consistent global process and simplified international recruitment operations.
  • The automatic flow feature automated candidate processing in between different recruitment phases and candidate rejection.
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