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Peoplise Digital Solutions: Turkcell Unlimited Talent Program

Turkcell offered an internship opportunity to 10.000+ young talent with our branded “Unlimited Talent” program. As part of this program, we helped them prepare for work life and to successfully find a job by doing interview simulations with them. We had participants from all across Turkey as well as from the larger region. We needed to evaluate a huge amount of video interviews (30.000+) as part of this program.

Minutes of Video Interview Review
Online Assessment Invitations
1 day
Average Candidate Evaluation Period

Unlimited Talent Program

10.000 young people had the oppurtunity to experience work environment within Turkcell with Unlimited Talent Program. They were able to take the first step in their careers and turn their theoretical knowledge into practice. They prepared for business life and finding a job by doing interview simulations. People from different parts of Turkey as well as people from abroad had the opportunity to meet each other. Candidate evaluation processes were conducted by artificial intelligence which evaluated video recordings sent by candidates.


  • Peoplise seamlessly sent personality inventories to all candidates on a single platform with an easy to user interface.
  • Utilized Peoplise’s videos for machine learning capability through the AI bot to score and assess all video assessments.
  • Offered a great candidate experience by the help of Peoplise customer support team.
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