ELBA HR system stores its customers’ employers’ and candidates’ information completely confidentially. According to ELBA HR politics, system shows the importance of storing information. This information will not be shared with any other companies or individuals. Candidate information is used in order to create a special user account and utilize serving our services for you. Only needed information is shared with third party software to make their business successfully. As an external software choice we care according to our privacy policy.

Personal Information

Our customers are able to send video answer request to their own candidates to answer the questions by the help of the system. That video answers are prepared via the system contain candidate experiences, talents, knowledge, operating modes etc. This information is only available for ELBA HR technical competent technical team and person who are authorized by our customer.

Web site visitors

We are able to gather information when ELBA HR system or web site is visited such as browser type and version, server location, visited pages, connected IP address or which domain name is used. This information is stored for enhancing, updating the system and serving more efficient service.

Data Security

ELBA HR system architecture permits only a person who has the right combination of username and password can access the customer, employer and candidate information. At the same time, we are using SSL data security while data transferring via the Internet. Furthermore, ISO 27001 certificate which is required for security is used in database servers. In addition to security certificate, all kinds of updated software, hardware and firewall components are being used to hinder malicious attacks from outside. ELBA HR system has passed successfully from security tests are prepared by current customers and expert companies.