SOCIALISERecruit from Social Media with Ease and Confidence

Campaign Manager

Post your positions on all social media channels. You can preview, share your postings with hiring managers and get instant advice from Peoplise to maximise effectiveness. With built-in features like Find-My-Talent, FB ad manager and easy to use content builder, who needs an agency? You can be a social media recruitment guru in minutes. Create, manage and control your own campaigns with Peoplise.

Engaging Microsite

Unique, customizable, content rich web site automatically generated just for your position to attract, engage and win the talent over. Let your position and brand shine with job facts, testimonials, videos and much more.

Lookalike Targets

Utilize our intuitive, easy-to use Find-Your-Talent widget to create your own Look-a-like-custom audiences in your FB campaigns. Design specifically for HR use, you can target and pin point your FB campaigns on your own talent needs. Don’t just get more leads, get high quality leads who better fit with your talent pool. Combine the power of social media and smart filtering to boost your positions.

Branding Surveys

Every hit on your site is a chance to improve and learn. Built-in surveys enquire about the process and your brand to get instant insight from your candidate pool.


Why not give candidates a chance to share the job posting with their friends? Make it easy and fun to share and help them get the word out.

Chat Bots

Don’t let the volume of applications scare you. Our smart bots can engage thousands, guide them through their questions, minimizing uncertainties and ensure a great, transparent candidate experience.