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All in One, Integrated ATS

Create, Post & Promote Your Jobs

Creating a custom flow with video interviews, assessments, case studies and much more is only a click away in Analyse. Post your open positions on your job boards and LinkedIn with ease, promote and reach out to passive candidates with the help of Socialise.

World’s Largets Assessment Marketplace

Analyse offers a pre-integrated, ready to launch selection of more than 200+ pyschometric tests, personality assessments, language proficiency tools and case studies from leading assessment vendors so you can have all the data required to make a high quality hiring decision. Assessing a candidate has never been this easy and automated before

Analytics at Your Fingertips

100% digital means data. Monitor your channel effectiveness, funnel steps, responsiveness, candidate experience and satisfaction, success ratio, offer acceptance and many more KPIs with advanced reporting capabilities.

Assessment Tools

Candidate Profile

Easy to use application and CV builder, integrated with LinkedIn to save time and improve candidate experience.

Candidates can update their profile information at any time and follow their process on the candidate dashboard screen.


Smart automation tools to identify the talent you need. Design screening sessions and assign automation rules to filter the right skills, background, and competencies for a perfect fit.

Online Assessments

Assess candidates' positional and organizational fit with more than 200+ ready to use integrated tests, assessments and case studies.

Video Interview

Thanks to the video interview, candidates can record their responses anytime, anywhere. Save everyone's time and effort with a directed, smart video session that can be shared with your hiring managers.

Online Interview

Don't let distance or logistics slow down the hiring process. Cut time and cost with online interview tool with calendar invitations. Schedule, conduct and evaluate interviews with the built-in tool with ease.

Brand Like a Pro

Career Website

Let your brand shine and share your employer value proposition easily and effectively with an engaging, exciting, ready to use career website. Pre-build templates and layouts save time and resources. No need to be a marketing pro or an IT genius to create a world class career website. Ready in minutes!


Create content-rich, easy-to-apply application pages for each position separately to increase attraction, engagement and conversion. No more boring job descriptions. Utilize technology and branded content to answer candidates questions, showcase your strengths, share testimonials and give a good understanding of the job requirements and your culture on a position microsite. Convert awareness to high quality application.

Candidate Dashboards

Mobile compatible and easy to access candidate dashboards enable candidates to track their own progress, follow calendarized events and get notifications regarding their status in your process.

Candidate Surveys

Either at the end of each step or as a separate survey, utilize candidate experience surveys to gauge your talents’ impressions and satisfaction level, gather input on your effectiveness and improve your processes.

Ready to Start

Cloud based

No lengthy implementation, no IT project. Ready to start attracting and hiring the best talent the same day.

Easy to Use

Award winning UX and easy to use screen in an all integrated single platform. Self help videos, user manual and active support center at your fingertips.

Regulatory Compliance

From consent management, automated renewal requests to flexible documentation, we offer proven and easy to control technical solutions to your compliance needs so you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on talent. In addition, all our servers are in EU region.

3 ways you can use ATS for Employer Branding, even if you don’t have an EB team

Recruitment automation systems like Peoplise can be a powerful tool for HR Branding, helping optimize existing costs and increase candidates loyalty.

Keeping Up With Your Startup: How to Hire Top Talent, Fast

It’s okay to feel anxious about your company’s sudden takeoff. We’re here to help you hire top talent, fast, so that you can go back to enjoying your success.

Candidate Experience Design

Candidate experience does not begin with the actual job application. Browsing the job advertisement, assessing company values, understanding positional fit, etc are all very critical parts of the candidate experience.

3 ways you can use ATS for Employer Branding, even if you don’t have an EB team

Recruitment automation systems like Peoplise can be a powerful tool for HR Branding, helping optimize existing costs and increase candidates loyalty.

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