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Digital, flexible and fully integrated tool to engage, energise and onboard your new talent, wherever they are. Maximum engagement, minimum manual work.

Remote Onboarding for Success

Harmonise is the best way to welcome your employees digitally.

With an easy and flexible journey design tool, you can meet, greet, provide company info, introduce team members and assign important tasks to your new talent ensuring great pre boarding experience.

Involve all your teams, managers and support staff using tasks and notifications.

Automate your flow and maintain complex and difficult to manage document processing needs in a digital environment.

Well-timed, integrated and automated flows to make life easy for you and a great new beginning for your new talent.

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Why Harmonise?

Engage early. Minimize manual work. Involve everyone. Go beyond checklists and deliver a world-class onboarding experience.


More Engaged Employees


Higher Performance


4x Faster Adaptation

Utilize the latest technologies with ease

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Document Sharing
  • Notifications
  • Core HR Integrations
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Surveys
  • Workflow Management
  • Dashboard
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Onboarding Scenarios

A flexible tool to design many different employee journeys tailored to your needs.


Preboarding & Onboarding

Prepare your new employees for their first day at work.

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Help your employees creating a smooth reboarding process.

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Get valuable feedback during the offboarding process and always keep in touch with your alumni.

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Harmonise aims to ensure early employee engagement of your new talent, provide her a smooth and easy integration to the new culture and at the same time, help decrease manual work load of everyone involved in this most critical transition period.

Çağatay Güney
Çağatay Güney CEO, Peoplise

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can assign various types of tasks to your team members, peers, departments event to mailing lists so everyone in the organization palys their crucial parts in the onboarding process. It takes a village to onbaord new talent and Harmonise lets you keep everyone in the village involved at the right time with the right task.

Employees are required to approve the Personal Data Protection Law prepared by the company they work for before the process starts. For how long the data will be stored by Harmonise is determined by the company itself. Pre-assumed storage time is two years.

Harmonise offers you instant notifications and a detailed reporting dashboard to help monitor your success. Get notified when deadlines are missed, surveys completed, and crucial milestones met. Review journeys, personal and department effectiveness with quick filters.

Yes we can integrate Harmonise with your HRIS system or other 3rd party applications such as LMS or calendars.

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