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Elevate the effectiveness of both your high-potential employees and your organization by exploring, developing, and retaining their talents. Streamline talent management by visualizing information on a unified platform and digitizing evaluation processes with Recognise!

What can you accomplish with Recognise ?

Recognise provides a platform to reveal and effectively manage your employees' talents, allowing you to access all information on talent development from a single center.

It allows you to create customized lead evaluation periods and involve line managers in these processes. In these processes, you can easily place employees in talent matrices based on data such as viewing performance information, potential evaluation, receiving assessment center results, feedback management, giving STAR processes, and education information.

You can create career, succession and promotion plans for discovered talents. At the same time, for employees in need of development, Recognise offers employees the opportunity to create their own development plans.

Customized panels and visual reports for each role; It allows your managers, HR teams and C-Level managers to easily access aggregate information about the people they are responsible for.

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Reveal Your Talents

Manage talent on one platform

Visualize all information about the development of your skills on one screen.
Easily access both employee personal information and talent management information with Employee and Talent Cards. Access employee performance data, personality traits, potential competencies, education and career plans, assessment center results, succession and retention information, and development plans, etc., from a single screen.

Include everyone in evaluations

Choose the personality traits, focus of engagement and motivation, and competencies of your employees that determine their potential. Have your managers play a role in the potential review periods you conduct at regular intervals.
Discuss your employee's potential by taking advantage of all their information by organizing digitalized review sessions with your HR Business Partners.
Select the most appropriate box for your employee on the nBox, or let Recognise assist with placements by setting matrix rules. Incorporate advanced approval chains into your process at any time.

Include employees in development plans

Allow your discovered talents or employees who are open to development to make their own development plans with their managers.
Enable your employees to see their own information and organizational charts with our Employee Panel application that can be integrated with Recognise. Give your employees the opportunity to enter their mobility choices.
Ensure that managers can follow the detailed development plans and action steps created, and support this structure with feedback and stars.

Make Career and Promotion plans

Determine the career steps of high potential employees and determine the steps that need to be taken regarding the promotion processes and retention of your employees.

Visualize, Digitize

Design your processes according to your needs

Perform an installation suitable for your company step by step with the installation settings.
View only the information you want to track with customized employee and talent cards.
You decide how you will structure your talent review period and what kind of nBox you will place your employees in, and determine the process that suits your needs with Recognise's flexible structure.

Look at your organization from the big window

Manage your organizational chart in a visual way with advanced filtering and coloring options.
Give quick feedback to your employees, add notes, speed up communication with your employees.
Reveal the similarities and differences of your talent candidates with employee comparison options.

Place Reporting At The Core

See summaries by role

Quickly access information that only the relevant role will care about, with dashboards customized based on roles for Admins, HR Business Partners, Talent Reviewers and C-Level managers.
With visual and changeable graphics, always have your frequently followed information in front of your eyes.

Provide analytics

Prepare your reports with many different themes and extensive filtering options created for each role and purpose.
Easily share analyzes of your talent development, criticality or succession plans, mobility situations, or your company's strengths or development areas with your managers.

Manage with cockpit screens

Create cockpit reports for your C-Level managers, revealing company development and strengths, and showing your high potential employees (HIPO) rates.
Play a key role in the development of your organization with Recognise privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recognise is also designed as a cloud-based product and provides all the advantages of being in the cloud. Therefore, no software or hardware installation is required.

After mutually signing the Service Purchase Agreement, your account will be opened with the account name information you send. The users you define can access the system with the username and password you provide, just as if you were accessing a website from anywhere with internet access.

Supports the roles of Recognise Admin, Talent Evaluator, HR Business Partner, C-Level Manager, Final Approver and HR Specialist from Different Units.

For organizations that include the Employee dashboard app, the Employee role is also available.

Yes it is possible.

Recognise focuses on discovering the potential of employees within the scope of its core product purpose. Therefore, assessment results provide important data in employee talent management. It is possible to store your employees' test, inventory, survey, etc. documents with the Measurements section in the talent card.

Since some of the potential dimensions may come from these tests and inventories in the potential reviews that can be made with Recognise, Recognise makes it easier for unit managers or HRBPs to access these documents within the scope of review sessions or preliminary reviews."

It is possible to shape potential reviews in accordance with your organizational processes.

By creating an review flow, you can include your unit managers in the processes to review their employees, hold review sessions moderated by your HR business partners responsible for talent management, and add approval chains to these steps.

In addition, by removing these steps, it is possible to create simple flow that only one responsible person can review.

Recognise collects a lot of employee data in accordance with the product purpose and visualizes it on a single screen.

There is integration with SAP to track this information in the application.

However, it is also possible for Recognise to make quick integrations with different applications your company uses.

Yes it is possible.

Recognise; While it focuses on basic issues such as discovery, review and development of talents, it collects almost all data of employees, both basic and talent-related. In this way, you can see, track or report employee information, which has been integrated from different sources, visualized under a single roof.

Additionally, when you use our Optimise (Budget management) product together with Recognise, you can also track the financial information of your employees.

It can be done.

Recognise was designed considering the responsibilities and needs of each role in the system, and in this context, the screens, information and actions that users from each role see and the actions they can take have been differentiated.

In addition, some fields can be customized according to the authorities you give in the Roles and Responsibilities section within the application.

Yes, this is possible!

Recognise is intended to be an integrative product and is designed to be integrated with various products according to demands or needs.

However, there are also options to upload data with Excel for companies that keep employees' talent information in Excel.

It is possible to transfer your employees' talent data to Recognise within minutes by following the sample Excel upload templates and our upload guide.