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Social Recruiting

Assessment Game Changer: Nestlé case

Nestlé team got to experience CaseBot benefits when faced with necessity of remotely assessing nearly thousand candidates for summer internship program Talent Nest.

Social Recruiting

Ready For The Big Exitus?

Mass exodus is coming as we start coming out of the 1,5 year long pandemic. It can be very disturbing but also inspirational, transformational and even beneficial for your company, if managed properly.

Social Recruiting

3 ways you can use ATS for Employer Branding, even if you don’t have an EB team

Recruitment automation systems like Peoplise can be a powerful tool for HR Branding, helping optimize existing costs and increase candidates loyalty.

Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting: Sourcing best talent in social media

By posting your jobs on social media you address your audience directly and enable potential candidates to ask further questions and get in touch.

rejection letter

A rejection letter leveraging your employer brand? Possible!

A well-crafted, timely and genuinely informal rejection letter may be the start of something; start of brand loyalty and future prospect for your talent pool.

Career Websites Are Dead

Career Websites Are Dead

How are you supposed to spark interest in a candidate using link to career site (if any) and a picture (usually a stock photo)? It's time to rethink and change.

Hiring the Best Call Center Agent

Hiring the Best Call Center Agent: 2-2-2; not so secret formula

Call center agent is one of the most critical and key employees of your organization. So, how do we define the good one?

best way to hire new talent

Fast & Furious – not the best way to hire new talent

Fast and furious only works in movies. Hiring new talent is no exception. In fact, it is failing miserably in recruitment.

5 Myths about Digital Recruitment

The fast changing world of apps, social media, video technologies, games and VR is having a dramatic impact on HR processes.

Digital Recruitment is Upon Us

Digital Recruitment is Upon Us – Don’t Overthink and Drown

With the constant push for cost optimization, shifting demographics and new technologies, HR needs to become much more digital.

Secret to employee engagement


The studies show clearly that engaged employees are more likely to exhibit higher levels of discretionary effort which in turn leads to higher performance.

Candidate Experience is Your Employer Brand

Candidate Experience is Your Employer Brand

People make the brand. That is a simple yet, very powerful statement. Because it also reads; your brand is as good as your talent pool.